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Conversions to Judaism cannot be carried out in Latin America, the "conversions" carried out in Brazil are false and are not valid. For this reason, the conversion candidate must not be deceived and needs to orient himself in Israel, or in the United States, in the Rabbinates there to know the process required under the Law of Torah. CALL: 2256 3587-



About CONVERSIONS in the Torah

As for converts, the Torah clearly commands us to love a true convert. Parsha Ekev, ch. 10, vers.19: "You will love the stranger, (the convert), for you were a stranger in Egypt."

A convert is called Guer Tsedec, he was converted out of love. Torah tells us not only to love him, and even more, not to hurt him. Hashem says: "We must particularly love Guer, who abandoned his family and his people, who opted for the truth, and rejected the lie. He came to seek refuge under the wings of the divine Presence (Shekhina), and therefore deserves our attention and consideration." (Midrash Bamidbar Raba 8.2) "Gd loves the convert, Guer, and will secure him the bread and the clothes." Devarim 10.18

It is a well-known and well-known fact that no body in South America is allowed to convert. The state of Israel is aware of the organizational problems that exist on the continent and disregards the certificates coming from it. Those who "converted" in Rio de Janeiro when they arrive in Israel are surprised to hear that their conversion certificate is worthless. Whoever wants to convert should refer to the Rabbinate, who will indicate the procedure to be followed and in which countries.

To make people understand why people want to convert, how many do it from the heart, and how many do it for lack of what to do, we must still consider that they are not to blame: those who welcome them should inform them of all the details.

If reformers and liberals are not in favor of mixed marriages, why convert? How many are "converted" out of interest or convenience? Those who are "converting" in Latin America will be deceiving themselves. From those who know, or at least assume, that conversions in Latin America are worth absolutely nothing, we could deduce that they "convert" to maintain only a calm conscience. From those who do not know that these so-called conversions are of no value, we could deduce that they are victims of their own ignorance.

Yet another case, deplorable in our eyes, that of the Jews who are so assimilated, that having a mixed marriage in their families does not even bother their consciences anymore. This goes from the Jewish identity, from everything that concerns the maintenance of the Jewish people.

It is only by studying the Torah that the Jew rediscovers his deep self, affirms his identity and wants to keep his Jewish flame burning, without being so racist. Naturally, no one will be on trial, and lost and assimilated Jews cannot be convinced to avoid marrying non-Jews through moral violence. Torah study alone gives the Jew an awareness of his true nature.

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The union of a Jew with a non-Jew

On whether it is possible to practice circumcision and the blessing that should be recited - letter from the RAbi.

"You cited the case of a Jew who lives with a non-Jew and had a child with her. The father wishes to have his circumcision. You consider that we should practice this circumcision, saying that it is the conversion of the child decided by your father. I do not approve of this position at all.

You told me that you asked Mohel to recite the first blessing, Al Hamila. So you are acting against Beth Yossef's opinion. In my view, all of this is very negative. "(Letter 586)

ITRÓ - Itró converts

A man was standing on a ceiling; he leaned over, lost his balance and fell. When he was lifted he had multiple fractures and several open wounds. But luckily I was alive. He was taken urgently to the nearest hospital and several doctors gathered at his bedside.

A pulmonologist and cardiologist examined him and prescribed treatment for him. A surgeon ordered him to take x-rays of the limbs, operated on him and cast his limbs. A brain specialist underwent a series of tests to discover possible damage. A dermatologist bandaged his wounds and prescribed ointments. An ophthalmologist was also called in to examine his eyes and prescribe glasses to improve his vision.

After undergoing different treatments for all the ailments he suffered, the patient was completely cured!

Someone who suffers simultaneously from different evils must be treated for each one individually. There is no universal remedy. This is true on the physical plane but there is a remedy that can cure all spiritual ailments without exception. If someone has made several mistakes, there is an antibiotic that will cure you instantly: HEAR THE WORD OF HASHEM. Thus, the prophet Irmiahu warned his generation: “HEAR the word of Hashem, house of Yaakov! Even if your soul is afflicted by all kinds of mistakes, HEAR AND LIVE! ”

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