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A supervsão Kosher

What differentiates the conventional product from Kosher is a set of procedures to be followed according to the guidance of a specialist Rabbi, competent and appointed by the Rabbinical Court of the Rabinatorio of the City where he operates, which is the issuer of the certificate that has worldwide validity. Such inspection procedures of the food factory, comprise the most diverse stages of manufacture, from planting, through cleaning of equipment, cooking, processing and even details in the final packaging, there are also special care for storage and in very special cases, in the way of serving.

In practice, these procedures are often confused with the hygiene standards already used regularly in industrial processes, requiring only minor adaptations. Often, some companies only require initial certification and periodic inspections to check the consistency of the process control parameters.

Rabbi Jacob Blumenfeld, who has been responsible for the Rabbinate of Rio de Janeiro for forty years, has been making a great effort to motivate Brazilian entrepreneurs to devote some attention to this market, this has been reflected in the growth of the annual rate of certifications in their region of operation, and also for exporters.

His main motivation is the large number of inquiries he receives from local consumers eager for products and the growing list of foreign companies interested in Brazilian products of this nature. He also reports the large number of tourists who visit Rio de Janeiro every year and who come to Rabinato for information on how to find food, even in the best hotels in the Marvelous City, the main gateway for foreign tourists in Brazil .

Fábrica de embalagens

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A certificação Kosher de qualquer produto que venha a ser produzido é válida somente e exclusivamente com concordância e a orientação do Rabinato do estado do Rio de Janeiro.

compra da família

Focado no futuro, na produtividade e no desenvolvimento,  a favor da democratização do consumo Kosher no Brasil, o Rabinatorio não mede esforços para que a experiência com o Kosher seja rentável e não descarta a negociação, para encorajar e acompanhar o produtor tímido ansioso com sua inserção no universo Kosher. 

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